Corporate management

Corporate Management Roles:

Andrew Thomas Barr: Chief Executive Officer e General Manager
Christian Andi: Chief Operating Officer
Roberto Corsanego: Vice President Investor Relations
Filippo Corsi: Senior Vice President General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Cristiano Crinisio: Head of CEO Office
Michele Fracchiolla: President Unità di Business Freight
Giacomo Galli*: Internal Audit Responsible
Renato Gallo**: Chief Financial Officer
Giuseppe Gaudiello: President Unità di Business Railways & Mass Transi
Leonardo Impagliazzo: Senior Vice President RAMS
Edoardo La Ficara: Senior Vice President Institutional Affairs, External Relations & Communication
Massimo Mele: Vice President Risk Management
Andrea Razeto: Vice President External Communications
Francesco Romano: Senior Vice President HR & Organization
Ulderigo Zona: Senior Vice President Hse, Facility Management &
Physical Security_Supply Planning Construction & Maintenance

* Managing director and country leader of the advisory firm Protiviti, ad interim manager of the internal audit unit of Ansaldo STS S.p.A..

** Appointed on March 28th, 2017 to replace Roberto Carassai.