Internal sustainability committee

In 2011, Ansaldo STS set up the Internal Sustainability Committee (also referred to as the “Committee”), made up of the managers of the main company functions.

The Committee’s mission is to define the company’s strategic guidelines for sustainable development and the promotion of social responsibility initiatives and see that they are implemented. The Internal Sustainability Committee reports directly to the CEO and General Manager of Ansaldo STS and collaborates and coordinates with the company’s organizational units.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • assessment of social and environmental risks that concern the company’s operations and evaluating the related performance;
  • definition and monitoring of the sustainability program, made up of financial, social and environmental objectives;
  • implementation of the relevant codes and rules of social and environmental conduct defined by the company (code of ethics and EHS procedures and policies) or relating to international standards (Global Reporting Initiative, the Global Compact, the Carbon Disclosure Project, etc.);
  • definition and coordination of listening to, discussing with and involving stakeholders: sharing results and the steps to be taken;
  • definition and implementation of an internal and external sustainability communication plan.

The Internal Sustainability Committee specifically engaged in defining and sharing the 2016 and 2017 reporting program which featured the following objectives:

  • align with the requirements of Legislative decree 254/2016 on the reporting of non-financial information and on diversity, and take steps to adopt the 2016 GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards;
  • extend the opportunities and risks (both inherent and residual) analyses tied to sustainability management of Ansaldo STS, through their description and identification of their importance;
  • map the risk of human rights violation for the definition and implementation of a specific policy;
  • update the materiality analysis;
  • improve internal and external sustainability communications;
  • confirm the membership of the Global Compact and the participation to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

The board of directors’ involvement The board of directors is involved in approving the Sustainability Report while the CEO and General Manager approve the sustainability program, i.e., the action plan to be implemented, the targets to be achieved and the reporting activities.

In 2017, specific and periodic communication activities have been launched aimed at keeping the board of directors updated on the activities carried out by the Internal Sustainability Committee and on the program and the procedures adopted to prepare this document, taken also as reference for CSR activities.