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All over the world, Ansaldo STS assists its customers to design and develop reliable and sustainable solutions for rail transport networks, making mass transit more efficient and safe and contributing to resolving the problems caused by the growth and concentration of the urban population.

From passenger to freight transport networks, from urban to high speed or conventional interurban and cross border transport, Ansaldo STS designs and uses cutting edge technology to meet operators’ requirements and optimize service regardless of traffic density and complexity. Ansaldo STS has made its mark on the railway sector by using state-of-the-art technologies for large projects, such as:

  • ERTMS / ETCS technologies, adopted to make high speed lines safer and more interoperable;
  • Satellite positioning technology for the effective and safe management of railway traffic;
  • Driverless and unmanned solutions for better operating efficiency and flexibility and to cut operating and maintenance costs;
  • CBTC signaling technologies to improve service using the distancing logic based on moving blocks, mainly used for metros;
  • Catenary-free technology (TramWave®) to protect the environment and historical city centers;
  • Large component portfolio, which includes all signaling aspects and system solutions (such as point machines, signals, level crossings, relays, etc).