Letter from the Chief Executive Officer and General Director

We design and implement solutions and components for rail transport and mobility, creating value for our community. We are committed to create innovative products which improve the quality of life and sustain responsibly the world we live in.

Amministratore Delegato e Direttore Generale - Andrew Barr

2016 was a year full of commitments and changes. An exceptional year for the successes achieved and the solid basis that we are building to ensure continuous future growth.

Ansaldo STS brand remains strong around the world especially now it is within the Hitachi group. We can seize new opportunities by sharing the ethics and principles that have always characterised Ansaldo STS. Particularly with the unique vision of the mission of the Social Innovation and the awareness of the importance of our work for the daily lives of millions of people, for their movements and for the transport of goods that everyone needs.

For example, think about what the digital revolution, which is also underway in our sector, can do. The use of Big Data and the Internet of Things help to precisely pinpoint the position of a train on the line, to analyse the behaviour of travellers in order to better meet their actual needs. We are working to develop new applications also on this direction for an increasingly personalised offer. Ansaldo STS has been working on these topics for some time, touching on them in many areas of our activities as clear Corporate Social Responsibility mission, and today we continue to follow the principles and the possible future developments with the utmost care.

This is sustainability for social development, contributing with safe, efficient, reliable and ecologically compatible solutions; focusing on technical solutions in response to the user’s needs in increasingly complex and diverse contexts and lifestyles.

Therefore, in 2016 as well, we wanted to consolidate the foundations of our actions, which include the environment and resources safeguarding, respect and protection of people and their safety, collaboration with local communities and dissemination of the principles of sustainability to all partners working with us.

Our commitment continues to be aimed at improving people’s lives every day, at connecting the moments of daily life and enabling the creation of increasingly tangible and feasible social occasions and opportunities for economic development, through the use of technology.

I thank all customers, colleagues, shareholders, partners and all stakeholders for this great effort.

This is why we are so committed to communication, through all means, both outward and within our company, to create opportunities for gaining knowledge about us and the development of our human resources.

Thus we are increasingly focused on R&D, on innovation and technological development and on more attentive staff management. Finally, we continue to provide priority support to the business through consolidation actions that increasingly strengthen the potential of our company, which has now become a certainty in an ever more complex and evolving market.

Andrew Barr
Chief Executive Officer
and General Director of Ansaldo STS