Directly generated and distribiuted value

Ansaldo STS recognizes the importance of balancing the distribution of value generated by its activities to stakeholders, the value that they have directly or indirectly contributed to generating.

By analyzing distributed economic value, Ansaldo STS studies the flow of resources directed towards its employees, suppliers, service providers, lenders, the public administration and the communities in which it is present.

Economic value generated 1,362,831 1,438,285
Revenue 1,327,386 1,383,837
Other revenue 18,659 18,284
Financial income 16,786 36,164
Profit from non-current assets held for sale 0 0
Economic value distributed 1,297,730 1,354,077
Operating costs (procurement, services and investments) 849,608 907,7791
Employee remuneration 332,338 321,676
Shareholder remuneration 36,000 30,000
Lender remuneration 37,466 46,369
Public administration remuneration 41,579 47,429
Donations and sponsorships 739 8242
Economic value withheld 65,101 84,208
Depreciation, amortization, impairment losses and adjustments 23,198 21,172
Self-financing 41,903 63,036

1. The figure was adjusted with respect to the Sustainability Report 2015 due to the exclusion of € 62K moved into Donations and sponsorships.

2. The figure was adjusted with respect to the Sustainability Report 2015 due to the inclusion of € 62K from Operating costs.

The value generated by the group in 2016 amounts to about €1.36 billion, while the value withheld by the company - mainly consisting of amortization, depreciation, impairment losses and accruals to provisions for risks, along with the self-financing - is €65.1 million.

Almost €1.3 billion was distributed, and was divided among the following stakeholders as follows:

  • the largest amount, or roughly €849.6 million, relates to costs incurred to purchase materials (suppliers), services (contractors and subcontractors) and other goods; 
  • approximately €332.3 million go to employees, mainly for wages, salaries, social security and pension contributions and defined contribution plans; 
  • approximately €41.6 million to the tax authorities and other local bodies for direct and indirect taxes; 
  • €37.5 million to lenders for interest and commissions, financial expense and operating exchange rate differences; 
  • €36.0 million to shareholders in the form of dividends;
  • €0.74 million to the community in the form of gifts, donations and sponsorships (with or without publicity).

Economic Value Distributed (%)