Operating performance

Key orders

New orders for the year totalled €1,475.8 million compared to €1,336.0 million in the previous year. Key orders acquired in 2016 are as follows:

CountryProjectCustomerAmount (€m)
Taiwan Sanying Line MRT System NCTG DRTS 220
Italy Milan-Genoa high speed Saturno Consortium 175
Great Britain Glasgow Metro - including maintenance Strathclyde Partnership for Transport 139
Australia Auto Haul - variations Rio Tinto Iron Ore 96
Belgium Brussels metro STIB 88
Italy ACC-MDD Rome-Florence including SST ERTMS ETCS Lev.2 RFI 75
USA LIRR Ronkonkoma LIRR 38
Malaysia KVDT Dhaya Maju Infrastructure 37
Italy Line 6 - Variations Naples municipality 30
Australia Forrest field Airport Link Salini Impregilo Spa - NWR Pty Ltd Joint Venture 30
France Maintenance 2016 RATP 27
India Noida Metro Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited 26
Sweden ESTER - Line 2 Trafikverket 21
Great Britain Ferriby Gilberdyke Network Rail 20
Various EU / Asia Service & Maintenance Various 65
Various EU / Asia Components Various 49
USA Components Various 50

The market and commercial situation

New orders acquired in 2016 approximated €1,476 million (2015: €1,336 million).

The key events of the year are described below:


The orders acquired during the period amount to roughly €429 million.

Of particular note were contracts related to the technological upgrade of the Florence-Rome high-speed line (roughly €75 million in total), which envisages the implementation of the ERTMS L2 Trackside Subsystem and the ACC-M, and the contract relating to the Milan-Genoa highspeed line (the “Terzo Valico dei Giovi”), for a value of around €175 million, the work scope of which regards the supply of technological systems relating to railway signalling equipment, the command and control system (SCCM/AV), the light and utility power system and the tunnel safety monitoring system.

In addition, there were order variations on existing contracts, in particular those relating to the Line 6 project for the Naples metro for around €30 million and assistance and components contracts for a total of €28 million.


Orders amounted to approximately €427 million, consisting primarily of contracts in the UK, relating to the modernisation of the Glasgow metro with CBTC driverless signalling technology, including maintenance and an option exercised in the last part of the year, for €139 million, and the resignalling of the Ferriby - Gilberdyke line (€20 million) with CBI SEI technology and the contract in Belgium relating to the automation of lines 1 and 5 of the Brussels metro with CBTC technology (€88 million).

In France, orders totalled around €79 million, including the contract with the customer RATP for the maintenance of the Paris metro line (approximately €27 million).

As regards Northern Europe, orders amounted to around €81 million, consisting primarily of the ERTMS L2 contract in the town of Haparanda in Sweden (€21 million) and variations relating to the Copenhagen metro.


Orders in this area totalled around €4 million, consisting almost exclusively of variations on the maintenance contract for the metro line dedicated to the Princess Nourah women’s university in Riyadh.


In the Americas, orders acquired during the period amounted to roughly €129 million; the main order relates to an approximately €38 million contract entered into with Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) for the design and construction of a new computerised train control signalling system. In addition, roughly €55 million related to the sale of components, maintenance and modernisation for freight lines and around €17 million to the LIRR Mid Day Yard contract with the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) for the supply of interlocking, switch machines and track circuits.


Orders during the period amount to roughly €486 million.

In Australia, orders amounted to approximately €139 million, primarily relating to lines for heavy haul mining and freight transport, including order variations relating to the Rio Tinto project (€96 million); there is also a contract in place relating to the railway line connecting the town of Forrestfield to the Perth airport (€30 million).

Around €37 million in orders was recorded in Malaysia for signalling works in a section of the Klang Valley railway network.

The main purchase order in the area regards the turnkey agreement entered into by the consortium consisting of Ansaldo STS, Hitachi Ltd. and RSEA Engineering Corp.

With NCTG DORTS (New Taipei City Government Department of Rapid Transit System), relating to the San- Ying (Sanxia-Yingge) line of the Taipei underground railway system.

The scope of work for Ansaldo STS, as consortium leader, involves the supply of CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) technology and all electro-mechanical systems (power supply, telecommunications, platform doors, ticketing systems, SCADA and depot equipment), for a value of around €220 million.

Lastly, the orders acquired in India came to roughly €46 million, consisting primarily of the contract entered into with NMRC (Noida Metro Rail Corporation) relating to the implementation of CBTC signalling system for the Noida - Greater Noida Metro project (around €26 million).