Water management

The sustainable management of site water where it is withdrawn, used and disposed of encourages the maintenance and improvement of water use efficiency, ensuring less waste and reduced environmental impact. Ansaldo STS manages water resources with particular attention and over the years has conducted a number of water-saving initiatives. These include the installation of photocell faucets in Italy, projects to recover rainwater at the Riom site (France) and projects to replace the cooling towers with dry systems.

Ansaldo STS’s “Water management guidelines” are applied to all companies with the aim of defining the methods to be followed by the group’s Italian companies for the sustainable management of water at office and production sites.

Ansaldo STS’s water procurement sources include aqueducts and water tables where water is drawn through wells.

WITHDRAWAL OF WATER2014 2015 2016201420152016
Water drawn from aqueducts (m3/year) 15,732 14,726 12,329 171,617 160,942 143,153
Water drawn from wells (m3/year) - - - 42,007 41,906 10,616
Other sources of procurement (m3/year) - - - 92 132 -
TOTAL 15,732 14,726 12,329 213,716 202,979 153,769

The use of water is mainly for civil purposes. Water consumption at the Tito Scalo (Italy), Riom (France) and Batesburg (US) sites is very low. These sites reduced their withdrawal of water substantially (-21.6%) from 2014 to 2016, as the Tito Scalo plant cut the amount of industrial water it used for fire drills and irrigation of green areas. The amount of water used for production decreased because electrical circuit cards are no longer rinsed.

Compared with 2015, withdrawal fell at the office sites as well (-11.1%); particularly affecting this result was the decrease recorded at the Naples site.

The water consumption per employee indicator shows a reduction of 24.7% at the production sites and a 27.1% reduction at the office sites, both due to the combined effect of reduced consumption and increase in the number of employees.

The wastewater produced at the sites can be classified, on the basis of its use upstream from disposal, as domestic (or similar) and industrial. All Ansaldo STS sites produce wastewater that can be exclusively classified as domestic or similar, except for the Tito site. All the domestic or similar wastewater is discharged into the sewers. The Naples site uses an organic wastewater treatment system. The sites use authorized disposal points. The Batesburg and the Tito Scalo sites’ points are monitored.