Human resources

Our people are essential to successfully compete in the market. Honesty, loyalty, aptitude, professionalism and technical preparation are aspects in which Ansaldo STS invests and which it requires from its employees so that they can achieve their personal and the company’s growth objectives.

Our people

  • Improve recruiting activities through employer branding campaigns based on social networks
  • In 2016 the Company increased the use of the LinkedIn tool and extended it to selections for foreign branches and offices
  • In 2017 the Company wishes to further strengthen this tool: the purchase of a new LinkedIn license is envisaged for all Italian offices
    • Consolidate the “Talent” project with Knowledge Owners and possibly extend it to other key parties
    • The “Knowledge Owners” project was consolidated and reached excellent results in terms of corporate technical know-how sharing. Almost 20% of the company’s personnel was involved in training/technical and specialized courses held by Knowledge Owners. The aim was to share and disseminate specialized technical skills regarded as strategic for the company
    • Improve personnel travel management
    • In 2016 special attention was given to personnel travel, making sure employees could travel more comfortably and at better travelling conditions in keeping with expected saving. New agreements are being concluded in 2017 with major hotel chains to guarantee increasingly higher service standards which take into account the needs of personnel on business trips
    •  Implement measures to retain the company’s key skills
    • Extension of management skills subject to comprehensive assessment. Launching of an initiative for updating the corporate people strategy especially with regard to Talent & Competence Management processes. The initiative was launched during 2016 and includes a subsequent definition and implementation phase in 2017
    • Include protected worker categories
    • 6 disabled employees were included and another one already in the workforce was counted
    • Consider the possibility of testing smart working schemes
    • Feasibility and benchmarking analyses were carried out to test smart working schemes in the company. Possible discussions with trade unions are expected to be launched in 2017 regarding the implementation of smart working in Italy