Supply chain

Ansaldo STS has drawn up new criteria to assess and monitor its suppliers and to define a new action plan to assist them improve their sustainability given the increasing importance of the supply chain’s social and environmental aspects.

Supply Chain


IN 2015 WE SAIDIN 2016 WE DID 
  • Create global commodities that will increase the specialization in certain technologies and will generate a global vision of the supplier base, with the possibility of improving the effects of sustainability
  • Sourcing processes were designed and implemented in order to balance, on the one hand, global activity synergies and, on the other, local sourcing activities for the projects involving various geographical areas
  • Continue the TenP project on suppliers’ sustainability, analyzing the output of the online survey on respect for human rights, work conditions, the environment and fight against corruption
  • Ansaldo STS selected an accredited number of suppliers who participated in an online survey about sustainability issues such as: human rights respect, working conditions, environment and fight to corruption. During 2016-2017 the results of the survey will be analyzed and an intervention will be defined, aiming at improving sustainability
  • Extend the tests commenced in France for the automated preparation and sending of supplier rating reports to Italy
  • This will be part of the project launched for the digitalization of the procurement and supplier qualification process. The project will start to be implemented in 2018
  • Approve the general conditions for purchasing goods and services in Italy with inclusion of sanctions clauses for noncompliance with the code of ethics
  • Clauses have been included through the publication of the document (IMS – IND069) General Contract Terms for work assignments, assemblies, complex supplies and installation, even in Package modes, functional for the realization of Railway Works
  • Continue the standardization of the supply contract general conditions in Ansaldo STS’s various legal entities
  • This will be part of the project launched for the procurement digitalization process. The project will start to be implemented in 2018